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TENTILES states and guarantees that it can sell products and services from the website

TENTILES manifiesta y garantiza que sus plataformas de Internet están técnicamente preparadas para la venta de productos. Las garantías de calidad o funcionamiento de los productos o servicios de TENTILES serán, en su caso, establecidas caso por caso en las condiciones particulares.

ALL our products have a 2 years warranty.

The warranty conditions will be those stipulated in the "Warranty Conditions" that accompany each item, and may be different in each case, always depending on the different manufacturers, importers and distributors. In the event that the article does not carry this document, it will be enough to keep the invoice of the purchase, which will replace the warranty form, if it is not specified in any document it is understood that this will be two years from the date of the purchase.

TENTILES makes its best efforts so that the information that appears is correct, but cannot guarantee the accuracy in the descriptions. Products may vary slightly in terms of specifications, colors or other design features.

The guarantee will cease to be effective, if TENTILES reliably checks manipulation by the customer.

TENTILES will be responsible, unless otherwise indicated, for transportation, mail and other expenses incurred during the warranty period.