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My experience in the world of cultural property restoration has given me the opportunity to learn more about materials, techniques and decorative motifs of ancient cultures and traditions.

This contact with culture and history awoke in my idea of ​​moving this rich aesthetic from earlier times to decorative objects and translate them into everyday and current objects. Thus, arises a project that begins its journey as a company over the year 2014.

Tentiles has as a business idea to create home decor from geometric patterns, designs, colors, ceramic brushstrokes and tiles that provide the Mediterranean culture leaving us a great legacy in southern Spain.


Our purpose is to let history be part of our designs. We work, to achieve this, researching materials, decontextualizing shapes, combining new colors all through a contemporary review. The result is attractive, practical and personality articles that fit into traditional or modern environments.

In Tentiles we create decoration for dining rooms, kitchens or lounges, and also personal accessories. For the utensils we offer trays, under plates, tablecloths, glass tables, cheese tables or coasters.

From our beginnings and something that over time remains our "must" are the collections of low-plate. Although as we evolve we focus on creating other types of objects, which we intend, have the same welcome.

We care about the quality of the products we offer and that our customers enjoy the originality, uniqueness and personality that we intend to convey in our designs.


Our store is located at 12 Gamazo Street, in the historic center of the city of Seville.